Zombie’s 2nd Bite Boxed Set

6x9-boxset-sirens-two-blueI’ve bundled zombie books 4-6 into a second boxed set bundle on Amazon. As books 1-3 were included in Zombie’s 1st Bite Edition it only made sense to take another bite out of the effort. These three books widen the world of zombies from mainly Grandma, Liam, and Victoria to several other characters. Some are part of the global conspiracy responsible for the zombie apocalypse. Some have spent a lot of time trying to stop it. The problem is identifying who is who!

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I hope you will find this bundle a good alternative to buying the books separately. You’ll save a couple of bucks and have them all in one handy package.

Thank you for being a reader!

EE Isherwood

PS. If you happen to be one of the thousands who already read these books, please consider dropping a review on the boxed sets containing those same stories. Each review is gold to indie authors such as myself.

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6 years 9 months ago

When is the next book going to be released for sirens?

Helen Cutright
6 years 7 months ago

Are you going to write another?