Dazzle Ships release day!

Dazzle Ships 500Wow. I can’t believe book 2 is done and out the door. Dazzle Ships is the second book in the Eternal Apocalypse series and it took me in directions I didn’t know existed. Certainly the final product looks much different than my initial outline for where I thought the story was going. But that’s what makes writing so much fun. I never really know until I’m inside the story.

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This series has many inspirations that are hard to evade when I’m immersed in the landscape. Ever play the game Borderlands? For some reason I think of that a lot, even though there isn’t anything taken directly from it. I think I enjoy the wild wasteland feeling in that game — anything can happen if you walk far enough.

Another game that I often think about is Fallout New Vegas. Initially the comparison is apt because they take place in roughly the same geographical area. The Hoover Dam is in the game. But my reason for writing in this area is because I went there as a kid. See, I keep these ideas in my head for a long time before they come out!

Finally, though I don’t take anything directly from the game, I can see Portal from time to time. The game area underground and a nagging A.I. help round out the comparison. Oh, and where would we be if not for the game Wasteland?

From the movies, maybe that Resident Evil where they are in Las Vegas sinks in from time to time. I enjoy that one because it has so many great characters–that die!

So what are dazzle ships? I’ve included a short epigraph to start the book, just in case you missed the definition in book 1.

Dazzle ships: Warships painted with geometric lines and alternating colors, designed to both attract notice and confuse the onlooker as to their true nature.

You can see an example on Wikipedia.

I hope you enjoy it. Now, on to book 3, Heaven’s Vanguard.


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Helen Cutright
6 years 9 months ago

Are you going to write a new “Sirens” book? Please.