Zombie Escape Release

zombie-escape-coverZombie Escape is now on Amazon. Please check back here for the link to buy on Amazon, as it should be live in the evening of 7.17 or early 7.18. I wanted to publish yesterday, but Amazon was down for me much of the day with all their Black Monday stuff.

The Blurb:
Death walks on a billion legs
The world of zombies has reached a tipping point. The cure is out there, but can it be unlocked before the number of infected swells beyond counting?

Liam and his girlfriend climb out of the Mississippi River after having survived twenty days of the zombie apocalypse. Their many adventures while looking for the cure could probably fill a book. However, today, only one thing matters to them: escaping the horde.

Marty Peters is also on the run nearby, but the horde is not after her. She is pursued by just one zombie. It doesn’t sound like much, but the fear is every bit as real, because it also happens to be her son.

Liam and Marty must find ways to evade the looming zombie threats in the nearby farmlands, but ultimately their only hope is to find each other. Each of them contains biometric data necessary to unlock the ultimate cure.

That salvation is three states over and beyond cities full of zombies. They’ll be pursued the whole way.

Let the escape begin.

If you are interested in what happened in the first 20 days of this zombie outbreak, you can read books 1-6 of E.E. Isherwood’s Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse series. However, Zombie Escape begins a new chapter in this universe, and there is no requirement to read the earlier volumes.

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