End Days: Blue Apocalypse Launched

end-days-1-coverA new post-apocalyptic series!

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I’m excited to reveal a new project I’ve been working on with my friend and fellow post-apocalyptic author Craig Martelle.

If you’ve read any of my zombie books, you know the importance I place on family. This new series revolves around a truck-driving father and his fifteen-year-old son.

End Days: Blue Apocalypse

A blue light rips across the sky to all parts of the world. Buck sees it while walking to his truck in California. His son Garth sees it while at the airport in New York.

Civilization begins to unravel, but no one knows why. Airplanes crash. Satellites lose time. Giant thunderstorms blow up out of nowhere. Old things reappear.

Buck’s mission is to get back to his son.

Garth’s task is to stay alive until he returns.

Unfortunately, teen boys don’t always follow directions.

Read about their adventures today, only on Amazon!

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