300 Reviews for my Zombie Books


I’m honored that my first zombie book has garnered over 200 reviews in the year since I launched it. She’s come a long way in that year, mostly due to constant editing and improvement in my writing skills over that period of time. The very first version of my book, when I launched it on Dec. 15, 2015, was terrible when held to my current editorial standards. I was fortunate that my readers enjoyed the story enough to give me the benefit of the doubt on those editing snafu’s.

More importantly, the reviews have been excellent. It warms my heart to hear people are enjoying the story of Liam and his great-grandma and care enough to leave a review on Amazon. Those reviews inspired me to write more books in the series. Now I have six completed and I’m working on a seventh. There is still much to learn about the world of the zombies!

All six zombie books combined have over 300 reviews, and the average rating over the 300 is above 4 out of 5. My latest book, Zombies Ever After, has 15 reviews and 4.8 for an average. I’m heading in the right direction. As an independent author I don’t have the heart to read each review–5 star reviews can make you feel too big for your britches, while 1-star reviews can make you doubt if you aren’t destined to write technical manuals for garbage disposals–but I’m thrilled by those averages.

Since the Sirens is always free, and can be found on Amazon, Nook and iBooks, and Instafreebie. I put it out there for free as a sneaky way to get people to check out the series and get hooked. 😉

Thank you readers. I have big plans for 2017!

EE Isherwood


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6 years 6 months ago

Brillant book