Zombie’s 1st Bite Boxed Set

6x9-boxset-sirens-one-red-1800x2700I’ve gathered my first three zombie books into this handy boxed set. Over 800 pages of zombie goodness as Liam, Grandma, and Victoria explore the collapsing world of the zombie apocalypse. This version, titled as Zombie’s 1st Bite, contains Since the Sirens, Siren Songs, and Stop the Sirens. It makes a nice trilogy along what I call the “Grandma” storyline.

Fun fact: I changed the second half of book 3 just before release so I could continue the story. I didn’t quite have a conclusion for the entire mystery of the plague itself, but it would have explained a lot more of the detail behind the cause of said plague and how Grandma Marty fits in. I’m glad I changed it to read the way it does now.

New readers can save a few bucks by getting all three books in one.

As you might expect, a second boxed set it in the works, lassoing Last Fight of the Valkyries, Zombies vs Polar Bears, and Zombies Ever After.


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