Since the Sirens in print

proofs-since-the-sirensMy zombie book exists in the real world, at least as 3 proofs. Soon it will be available for sale, and then all will be right in the world…with book 1 at least.

It’s been a long journey, and one that was much harder than I originally thought possible when I sat down to write the outline of a glimmer of an idea back in the summer of 2014.

Writing the dang thing turned out to be the only easy piece of the publishing puzzle for me. If all I did was write stories and put them in a closet, I could write around the clock forever. However, I got greedy. I decided to make this a trilogy.

What did a trilogy do to my production schedule? First, it meant that I couldn’t publish book 1 until I was done with book 3. Why? All 3 books had to tie together in a way that made sense, and naturally that couldn’t be done effectively without getting that third book completed. Even today, after getting as far as having printed books on my desk, I think of ways I could have more effectively tied things together. I think that will go on forever though.

I lost my day job in August of 2015. Almost the ENTIRE 3 months since, all I’ve done was edit, edit, and…oh yeah, edit. It still isn’t perfect to the point a professional editor would take it, but I think it is very close now. I’m not embarrassed to let people read it anyway.

And then there was cover design.

And then there were blurbs, descriptions, back cover, loading it to Amazon, loading it to Createspace (Amazon print-on-demand books), and waiting for the proofs to show up. Corrections. More art. Dot dot dot.

But seeing the physical book sitting here in front of me is like a jolt of Throwback Mountain Dew at the tail end of a long night of writing. It’s just what I needed to know this project has an end, and the end is pretty sweet!

EE. Isherwood


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