400 Pre-orders of Last Fight of the Valkyries

valkyries-500I’m excited to announce a major milestone for me as a writer. My fourth book, Last Fight of the Valkyries, now has 400 pre-orders! This is amazing to me. Thank you to everyone who bought an advanced copy. If you all sat together you’d fill a good sized school auditorium. That is something I think about each time I sit down to write. Real people out there are taking the time to order and then read about my zombie universe. It doesn’t get any better for a writer!


As always, it inspires me to work harder to cut new ground in the genre.

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Mike Mitchell
3 years 9 months ago
I used to be a King; Koontz, Grisham, & Baldacci loyal fan (still am) but then a few years ago I got an Amazon Kindle from Santa Clause. I am 58 yr old disabled army vet & it felt like I rediscovered the world of reading. You & your genre are at the very top of my list now. Maybe you could speed them up a little? Har har My dream job would be reading books before release. Check for mistakes, going off track ratings and my input and feelngs about the story and what others will feel. I would… Read more »